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I'm one of those people who is just crazy enough to spend hours looking for a pokemon that's a different color. But hey, it's fun~!

Have any stories of miraculously catching a shiny pokemon? Or maybe an epic fail? Share them here!

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Gimme Da' Shinies~!


By the power of eBay I’ve been bestowed with a shiny I’ve wanted since the dawn of time.


meet aqaurius! just caught this little guy for a friend. staryu/starmie is one of his favorite shinies, so he’s an early christmas present!! he has a brave nature and he loves to relax. and he has the ability natural cure! i hope you like him, michael! nwn


dedicated to this pretty baby

caught in granite cave 


Gosh, It’s been quite a lucky week for shiny hunting. I was hoping I would get one with Bulletproof, but a female shiny starter is still pretty great. Second bold shiny in a row too haha.


So in Shoal Cave I encountered a Shiny Spheal…

But I already have a Walerain >_<


Daily Doodle Day 123:  Audino
(Pokeddexy Day 13 - Favorite Normal Type)

Audinos super adorable and they sometimes heal your Pokemon, so I kind of feel bad for beating them up for EXP.  Kind of.


FOR TRADE! Jeanne d’Arc (Female), nickname able, adamant nature. Looking for shiny Charmander holding Charizardite Y or shiny Beldum ONLY. Can I suggest keeping the nickname? There is no better nickname for a female Honedge! (I kid lol)


Day..2? Pokemon Challenge: Shiny Houndour puppin.


Shiny Bisharp by request.





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